Learning About the Farm

Here are some of the projects and things we brought from home. Sonia brought a model of a real farm. Play close attention to the details; The horses in the corral. The man milking the cow. The pigs in the pig pen. The ducks in the pond. The goat and sheep and also the red barn. The ground has hay and small rocks. Look at the plants from the farm. In the back you will notice a chili plant, Thanks Angel. Also you will see Sonia’s Country Life SettingAngels;  Plants on the FarmIsaac Bell for BullDestiny Farm Animalsthe  rollie pollie’s, and beetle in the small cage by Destiny.  She also brought the Farm Animals.

Country Life

We’ve been studying country life.  Last week we read The Ox-Cart Man and Heartland. Choose one of these stories to share with us. What does the story teach us about Country Life? Start with the title of the story and share two or more of your ideas.